Retail Pipingbag

Size Sweetliner

In addition to the trusted piping bags, One Way Plastics introduces a new innovative product. ‘ Who has the skill nowadays to apply a perfect straight line on a cake with a paper cone piping bag?’. That is a question many master pastry chefs ask themselves. One Way Plastics provides the solution: the Sweetliner. This small piping bag with extremely flexible firm-grip multi-layer film in combination with a lockable nozzle allows nearly everyone to write ‘calligraphy’ on cakes. The unique Sweetliner is patent pending. The Sweetliner is available in a 21 x 12 cm piping bag accompanied with a nozzle of 0,8 mm opening.


Bags per roll10 bags + 10 nozzles
Inner carton10 x 10 x 22,5 cm (LxBxH)
Outer carton28 x 10 x 20,7 cm (LxBxH)
Rolls per outer carton12 sets
Rolls per pallet3456 sets
8,5 inch • 21 x 12 cm article number 3110


Especially for the home baking market, One Way has different kind of retail packages. With its special ‘soft touch’ grip, One Way represents the top-of-the-line segment in piping bags. The unique characteristics of the extremely flexible firm-grip multi-layer film ensures that also the non-professional can work efficiently with this piping bag.

The retail packages can also be supplied in Private Label packaging.
There is also a display available in which the Comfort Clear (41 cm) and the Comfort Green (53 cm) retail packages can be exhibited at the counter.